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We aim to be a flexible, efficient and scalable company able to support our clients in the new digital transformation era.


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Support large clients in transforming their digital infrastructure.

We digitise reality and, by aggregating data from different sources on a map, build geographical representations which simplify decisions and relations between people or objects.

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  • Do you know the potential of a map? 80% of data have a geographical dimension. Unfortunately, only 10% is currently used to improve decision-making in both public and private sectors. We raise this percentage by building digital maps.
  • What does that mean? Digitising the infrastructure network - creating a "digital twin” of it - means being having an inventory database of all network resources to consult, visualize and interrogate. Other types of information can then be integrated on the same map to create a series of geographically layered information levels. The digital map becomes like a dashboard providing an overview of what is happening in the area, how much your assets are worth and where you need to direct your corporate strategy.
  • Why choose us Behind every service, however simple, whether it’s going online or running a tap, there is an extremely complicated world, made up of complex processes. We are an important cog in these processes, giving those tasked with managing them an overview of how well they are working and the ability to intervene quickly if they are not. Important Italian companies and public administrations have chosen EBWorld for the integration, maintenance and development of their IT systems.
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We play our part in further the development and well-being of society by supporting the creation and management of critical and strategic infrastructures. We are a scalable company that wants to grow not only by enhancing talent but by working as a team for a common goal. Do you accept the challenge?

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