Network Inventory

The opportunities created by fast technological development, from the convergence of technologies and the growing demand for services based on Next Generation Network, represent a challenge for TELCOs that must construct, manage new networks and provide new services in a physical context of pre-existing infrastructures.
Times, costs and feasibility, and investment returns are critical factors.

EBWorld is the right partner to face the challenge.

Our solutions support the TELCOs following the entire network life cycle through integrated, simple and reliable applications.
The workflow that starts with high-level planning and leads to the creation and activation of the network, then implementation and maintenance, becomes streamlined, agile and always focused on understanding the real needs of your business, whilst simplifying the key corporate processes.

Our solutions also include the automated management of field operations, business intelligence and geomarketing, to add value to your time and your work so that you can make the best decisions.

Finally, Web applications based on Google Maps allows business users to visualize, integrate and analyze spatial data from various sources, providing new marketing opportunities and sales support.



The solutions are integrated with IT systems for order management, invoicing, CRM, ERP and trouble ticketing.
Synergy with SCADA, remote control or management of outage systems allows control of your Smart Grid from a single device.

Design and strategic planning

Spatial information support the planning stages so that you can determine where to construct new networks based on existing infrastructure, the market context, necessary investments and anticipated returns.
Geomarketing solutions integrate demographic and market data with the network infrastructure to create potential development strategies.

Analyze and improve your potential

Use the maps to visualize the network and the available infrastructures.
Cross-reference the network information with demographic and marketing data to discover new information and correlations between the data.
Develop spatial analysis and automate the feasibility processes.
Integrate Big Data platforms to construct tools to support geomarketing around the map.

Network Design

Using specific applications the designers are guided during the design of the network to guarantee respect of corporate objectives and technological restrictions.

Calculation of the sizing of the network, the bill of material reports and the comparison of different possible network configurations can all be automated.

Design, create and manage

Design the network in a more efficient manner avoiding duplicated insertions and creating automatism.
Keep the objectives under control (power budget, re-use of existing infrastructure, level of commercial penetration in an area, etc.).
Size the network and create documentation for businesses.
Design the network selecting the best project based on your requirements.
Generate schematic reports and metric computations.
Support the NOC and the operations of those in the field.

Network Build

Our solutions mean that accurate documentation is provided to businesses.
Post-construction the as-built information is provided to the organization and the network inventory is modified with an updated and coherent source of network data.

Optimizes the activities on field of technicians and construction companies.
Support field operations with the correct information, integrating different technologies (eg RFID).
Optimize the updating processes of the inventory systems with data from the field.

Network Service & Maintenance

Our solutions improve and speed up the processes of service fulfillment and service assurance guaranteeing the highest level of client satisfaction. In addition, simple apps support the various processes involving different players from operative teams in the field to contractors and clients.

Optimize the field teams

Optimize the field activity of technicians, reducing times and costs and improving services through web applications based on workforce management.
Orchestrate the operations and design the processes, integrating different technologies (e.g. RFID).
Support the service fulfillment and quality assurance services always guaranteeing the best possible service for clients.

Why you should choose EBWorld


Thanks to decades of experience in partnership with utilities and in particular with TELCOs, we have in-depth knowledge and understand the corporate processes and the market challenges that businesses have to face.
Since 2000, we have worked with the leading protagonists in the first implementation of the FTTH network and we are specialized in the development of solutions for the design and the deployment of new generation fiber optic networks (NGN).


We shape the best solution around the client’s specific requirements, integrating best in class, market leader software applications with corporate IT systems, mobile devices and sensors connected with the client’s network.

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