The Maps integrate intelligence operations

EBWorld develops applications that provide geolocalising information on the key performance of assets, people and services to support operations activities.

The solutions are integrated with IT systems for order management, invoicing, CRM, ERP and trouble ticketing.
Synergy with SCADA, remote control or management of outage systems allows control of your Smart Grid from a single device.

The visualization of data on the map makes the understanding of operative processes and the correlation between the events more intuitive: how the resources are functioning, where the most productive resources are, the location of anomalies or disservices, and where to locate assets and people.

The data collected from a number of sources are aggregated in a single system; the information can be shared and is also accessible from mobile devices.

With complete visibility in real time, the decisions are more accurate and performance control is more intelligent.

Complete access including that from mobile devices promotes collaboration between the different corporate divisions that can share the same vision of the data.


Use information to make better decisions


Anticipate problems via analysis to resolve them in a pro-active way


Coordinate resources and processes to operate in an effective way

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