The growth of digital technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), the convergence between operations and IT and the availability of mobile devices allows field operators to be connected to the company in real time.

It makes the most of digital convergence to improve efficiency and accelerate the business!
With EBWorld.

People and assets always connected

EBWorld develops applications based on the localization of operators and assets; the integration with corporate information and the data of intelligent devices connected to the assets (sensors, systems, …) allows you to improve operating efficiency in a significant manner.

Intelligent planning
Data-Location Driven

By visualizing the position of field operators on the map relative to the operation site, the assignment of tasks is planned according to efficiency criteria, optimizing processes and resources with a consequential reduction in costs.

Shared information Even on the move

Through the integration of our mobile apps with the company’s ICT systems, the operating teams and the company share and exchange documentation and information via mobile devices in real time.

You can choose between the solution installed in your data center or in cloud to improve your performance and grow your business.


› Optimal planning of resources
› Improvement of operating efficiency
› Reduction of operating costs
› Automated workflows that are more streamlined and efficient
› Management of emergencies in real time
› Company and operators always connected

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