Better vision. Better decisions

We support clients in making the most of data with a new and more intuitive vision.
The Location Intelligence applications developed by EBWorld reveal the sometimes hidden stories behind the data in an easier and faster way.
Data from various sources – enriched by the geographical dimension – visualized and managed on the map, reveal more profound levels of insight, improve the decision making processes and are a strategic competitive advantage for the business.

“80% of the data has a geographical dimension
Only 10% is exploited currently to improve decision making.

EBWorld | Location Intelligence Analysis

Better vision.

Applying the localization of Business Intelligence, the overview of business distribution in the area is timely and intuitive: potential, distribution and coverage of the sales networks and analysis of competition.

Everything is in one place: visualizing the assets in the geographical context and bringing a dimension to the statistical information improves understanding of numerical data, revealing otherwise hidden relationships and extending vision and understanding.

Our solutions do not only provide the representation of data on the map but are a dashboard to undertake geographical analysis of corporate performance and undertake comparative analysis.
On a single dashboard you can create reports, undertake research and configure advanced filters to support the planning and the monitoring of strategic activities.
Information can be easily shared within and outside of the company via desktop, web and mobile applications.

Our systems are designed to be immediately operative: they do not require installation and compatibility with all devices and operating systems is assured.

EBWorld | Geospatial Apps

The Importance of Location Intelligence

A recent market study conducted by Dresner Advisory Services on Location Intelligence explores the feelings of users, the state of current implementations and plans for the future.

“Location Intelligence is becoming an integral part of new business models and is a way of acquiring insights that were not previously accessible. ”

Louis Columbus, software strategist, contributor

“The integration with Google for further location and intelligence analytics is the highest priority for 66.7% of all businesses using Location Intelligence“.

How companies look at location intelligence in terms of their success

Per Industry


  • Critical70%

  • Very Important30%


  • Critico42%

  • Molto importante54%

Financial & Insurance

  • Critico18%

  • Molto importante60%


  • Critico12%

  • Molto importante64%

For staff size

Critical importance





1K - 5K


Oltre 5K

Prioritizing of features


Map-based visualization

Drill-down zoom and panoramic navigation

Incorporation of Dashboard in the map

Fonte: Dresner Advisory Services’ 2018 Location Intelligence Market Study, part of the Wisdom of Crowds® series of research

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