Understanding the position of the assets in the area and monitoring their state in real time means managing strategic assets with greater efficiency, reducing operating costs and creating value for clients by identifying new business areas.

The Iot applications of EBWorld connect the network to the center of your business activities.

Manage your assets every day and every night

EbWorld develops vertical applications for the enhancement of strategic assets in the area, technological and transport networks as well as those for environmental. cultural and state assets.

Web and mobile apps that are simple yet potent permit the distribution of data access across the company, in the presence and absence of Internet connectivity with interfaces that are simple to use.

Via network connected sensors, the connected assets communicate information about their position, the state of the business and usage. They permit the monitoring and management of the network remotely whilst connecting data that is useful for planning activity.

Improving operational efficiency

EBWorld supports companies to improve efficiency reducing operating and maintenance costs and improving operating times and production. You can monitor interventions and plan activities, keeping disservices under control and managing communications to the user.


› Real-time monitoring of the state of assets
› More efficient maintenance management
› Timely management of interventions
› Simplification of maintenance procedures
› Better maintenance planning
› Maximum level of alignment between systems and the control of the various corporate processes
Asset Tracking Monitoring


› Visualization of data on the map
› Accessibility with mobile devices
› Integration with ERP, CRM, WFM, billing and trouble ticketing systems

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