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General Electric’s Smallworld suite offers a set of complete and integrated software solutions to manage your Smart Grids

General Electric’s Smallworld Solutions

Networks are increasingly the focus of the technological evolution. GIS platforms, along with solutions for mobility and the management of operational teams in the field play a key role in the processes of planning, design, maintenance and management of technological networks.

Plan and design

Infrastructure management
Network analysis
Project optimisation

Create and manage

Mobile and WFM applications
Management of tasks and work orders
Optimal planning in the short, medium and long term

Maintain and improve

Maintenance and Control
Maps on mobile devices
Control of outages

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Mobile GIS
Workforce Management
Physical Network Inventory
Core Spatial Technology
Network Viewer
Geo Spatial Analysis

Mobile GIS

Those who manage networks in the area know how many of the activities take place in the field.
It is essential that technicians can have the tools to consult and manage network data, even when outside of the company.

These tools must be easy to use and provide full support to the navigation and consultation features, but also to those for designing and planning, all without internet connectivity.

Main features

Combines mobile mapping applications and automation processes in the field to increase the efficiency of those who work outside of the company;
Enables you to navigate maps, hiding the complexity of GIS and CAD systems and ensuring the same level of detail for mobile users.;
Completeness and congruence of network data thanks to a powerful data compression technology that allows to load on mobile the cartography of the entire territory to be managed;
Integration with company systems for mobile visualization.


Time reduction of maintenance operations;
Process automation;
Reduction of operating costs;
Enhanced efficiency and safety
Data available online and off-line.

Work Force Management

Is a fully web-based solution that allows you to plan and manage activities to be carried out in the field.

Able to be fully integrated with business processes while complying with company-set objectives, FFA is able to automate the assignment of activities (tasks) to the most appropriate team or technician (closest to the point of intervention, with the right skills/equipment, with sufficient time available in the shift, etc.). The FFA suite includes an innovative Forecasting & Planning module that allows you to make predictions and plan in the short, medium and long term.

The analysis of the information allows better strategic decisions, improves work organization, ensures the customer satisfaction, reduces the costs and increases the  profits.

Main features

Creation or receipt of tasks and dispatch from external systems;
Preparation of the team and the materials;
Resource allocation planning and equipment;
Vehicle tracking;
Configuration of meter reading processes;
Spare parts warehouse management;
Data collection on the field for analysis


Support for planning, monitoring and performance assessment ;
Operating costs reduction: up to -50% fuel costs, -10% inventory costs, -60% overtime hours, -70% use of paper;
Efficiency of maintenance operations + 50%;
Increase of productivity + 25% and increase in revenues up to + 15%.

Physical Network Inventory

Physical Network Inventory (PNI) is the solution that allows you to model an entire communications network, including the interior of sites and main stations. PNI supports multiple communication technologies and devices made by different manufacturers, and was created to document wireless and wired connections.
PNI offers a complete and accurate representation of the physical network, documenting the network end-to-end.

By integrating data into a single consolidated database, Physical Network Inventory (PNI) solutions provide a complete view of the network to support important business processes such as planning, designing, maintaining, managing and setting out commercial strategies.

Main features

Inventory management and component specifications;
Support for the management of work orders and the generation of bills of material;
Support for the design and documentation of both underground and aerial structures;
Effective management of network capacity and saturation level (pipes, cable use, cabinets, devices, etc.);
Automatic generation of network schematics.

Core Spatial Technology

The innovative GIS platform on which all GE Smallworld solutions are developed. It’s an object-oriented platform that, thanks to extreme scalability and performance at the highest level, is the basis of the development of all the other solutions.

It provides a powerful architecture on which it is possible to construct complex geographic applications to  manage technological networks and to document assets on the territory.

The software has great integration capability with other systems (CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence, SCADA, DMS, etc.) and uses an open and standards-compliant architecture.


Thanks to the integration with Google tools, network data can be shared within the company and become a real asset, usable in a fast and intuitive way.

Utilities and telecommunications operators can improve the communication with the customer guaranteeing higher  service quality standards

Geo Spatial Analysis

Our geomarketing systems allow to perform complex analyses by means of simple and intuitive interfaces, aggregating information from different systems on the map.

You can create reports, searches and advanced filters on a single dashboard to support the identification phase of important marketing strategies.

GE GeoSpatial Analysis (GSA) is an easy to use application that offers procedures for accessing different databases, and displays all spatial data on a single map. Data and thematic reports can be distributed within the company using desktop and web applications.


Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis introduces a new dimension in data management and viewing, analysis and reporting activities.
Enhances informational assets by integrating data from different sources, and is able to support multiple business processes by creating a single work flow;
Includes a simple and powerful configuration environment: without developing new software, you can combine the information and create graphs and thematic maps;
Allows you to discover “hidden” information within the data source and explore what-if scenarios to support strategic decisions;
The data remain in its native format, eliminating the need for complex and expensive data migrations;
Specially trained users are not required.

Network Viewer

Network Viewer is the first app built by GE Smallworld after its agreement with Google.
It is a web solution that allows for network data to be accessed in a simple and user friendly manner, on Google Maps.

Network data is obtained in real time from the GIS system, and information from different sources can be easily viewed on the map.

Main features

View GIS data on a simple and modern interface;
Access Google Maps;
Connect external databases and display them on a single map;
Add-On custom functions.

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