About Us

Since 1983 EBWorld is the leading company in the GIS field with references of primary importance

About us

Since 1983, EBWorld has operated in the field of computer science applied to geographic information and technologies associated to the processes of acquisition, processing and management of geo-referenced data.

The consolidated expertise and experience in the implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), integration of GIS platforms and systems with external applications, make EBWorld the ideal partner for those who manage technological networks

Who is EBWorld designed for?

› Telecommunications
› Integrated water cycle
› Transmission and distribution of electricity and gas
› Companies and Public Administrations

Why choose EBWorld?

Important Italian companies and public administrations chose EBWorld for the integration, maintenance and development of their IT systems.

Since 1995, EBWorld has been a distributor and VAR of Smallworld products in Italy, which are currently manufactured and distributed by GE Energy.

The EBWorld team: competence, passion and excellence

Professionals in the fields of computer science, physics, geology, engineering graduates, electronics, IT, telecommunications and mathematics use EBWorld.
Technical cartographers with extensive experience transfer their professionalism in the effective use of GIS to EBWorld customers.


Innovative, powerful and easily usable IT solutions

The world is constantly changing: new needs emerge daily and require immediate answers and simple solutions that can be quickly accessible by all users.
This is the challenge that EBWorld has taken on for more than 30 years, by creating innovation in ICT and putting its skills, professionalism and excellence to work.

EBWorld software solutions are usable on multiple platforms and devices, from desktops to lightweight web clients, tablets and smartphones. They ensure data interoperability with the most advanced standards and maximum openness.
Today, EBWorld is a dynamic ICT company that is capable of giving form and substance to the largest asset of every company: information.


Since 1994, Smallworld has chosen EBWorld to resell and integrate its GIS solutions.
Dal 2000, a seguito dell’acquisizione di Smallworld da parte di General Electric, EBWorld è partner GE.
Il nostro livello di partnership con GE è il più elevato in termini di sinergia e collaborazione: siamo VAR, rivenditori a valore aggiunto.

Perché Smallworld: perché è il prodotto tecnologicamente più avanzato, in grado di offrire una suite completa di soluzioni aperte, scalabili e completamente aderenti ai più moderni standard.
Perché General Electric: perché si tratta di un’azienda solidissima, in grado di offrire il massimo in termini di supporto dei prodotti e di mantenimento di roadmap ambiziose.

Siamo inoltre Silver Partner di Oracle e Authorised Reseller Google Maps for business.


Certifications obtained by EBWorld for different products and technologies have allowed us to have successful projects over the years.
EBWorld joined General Electric’s Smallworld product certification program, which has enabled partners to confirm their skills since 2008.
Fourteen certifications were earned relative to the database and Smallworld Core Spatial Technology platform, a Smallworld Internet Application Server and the application for GE Physical Network Inventory telecommunications networks.

Were also obtained certifications 4 Oracle Certified Associate ( OCA ) level 1 and 2.

All our activities are managed in an advanced Quality System Certificate ISO 9001 : 2008 for the “Design, development, installation and support of geographic information systems”.

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