General Electric's Smallworld suite offers a set of complete and integrated software solutions to manage your Smart Grids

General Electric's Smallworld Solutions

Networks are increasingly the focus of the technological evolution. GIS platforms, along with solutions for mobility and the management of operational teams in the field play a key role in the processes of planning, design, maintenance and management of technological networks.

Plan and design

• Infrastructure management
• Network analysis
• Project optimisation

Create and manage

• Mobile and WFM applications
• Management of tasks and work orders
• Optimal planning in the short, medium and long term

Maintain and improve

• Maintenance and Control
• Maps on mobile devices
• Control of outages

Utility Solutions

Smart Grids, the new smart meters and the development and dissemination of new technologies are major challenges for utility companies who want to keep up with the times, ensuring both savings and efficiency.
Those who manages the transmission and distribution of electricity and gas, as well as those working in the integrated water cycle or public lighting, needs a GIS system that can document the network, ensuring the availability of data in every situation, interoperability with other parties and compliance with regulations and laws.

Even the safety of the teams operating in the area is an issue of fundamental importance.
Our experience in working with utilities as well as the wide availability of solutions offer the opportunity to always find the right solution to meet the needs of the customer, regardless of the size of the network managed or the number of users served.

GIS, Web GIS and Mobile GIS Solutions as well as Workforce Management are perfectly integrated in order to offer customers a suite of customized solutions.
The new Smallworld Utility Offices are vertical solutions based on Smallworld GIS, and already offer a data model and set of features that allow utility companies to start using the system immediately.

All of the solutions are easily configurable orcustomisable.

Within the SmartGrid, there are solutions available for the smart management of power grids with DMS (Distribution Management System) and OMS (Outage Management System) platforms, products that EBWorld is able to offer the most dynamic utility companies.

  • Gas distribution utilities

    Smallworld’s Gas Distribution Office (GDO) and Gas Transmission Office (GTO) are used to manage the physical inventory of gas distribution and transmission networks. They include a data model and a complete set of advanced features in order to reduce the startup time of the project and customisations, and ensure complete compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Electric utilities

    Smallworld Electric Officeoffers an integrated platform for managing electricity distribution and transmission networks. From planning and network design to implementation and management, Electric Office is the most complete solution.
    Smallworld Analysis and Optimisation integrates modern and innovative algorithms for the analysis of electrical networks and their related optimisation.

  • Utilities in the integrated water cycle

    Smallworld Water Office offers a comprehensive data model and a set of core applications for planning, managing and maintenance of a water supply and sanitation network.
    It allows a quick start of the project and already offers all of the features and tools you need to manage a highly advanced network.

Solutions for Telecommunications

Our strength is not only our competence in integrating GIS solutions in operators’ ICTs, but also a deep understanding of how these tools are used for a design and operation based on a solid engineering culture gained in the telecommunications field.
We were alongside major companies in the first implementation of the FTTH network in Italy, taking place since 2000; we have received important commissions for the creation and refinement of tools for the design of next-generation networks in fibre optic (NGN).
Over the last decade, we have built a fiduciary relationship with our customers, which represents the company’s greatest value and the best basis for the future. For this reason, we will be among the main interlocutors for the protagonists of the development of telecommunications in Italy.

We develop geomarketing solutions, simple and intuitive dashboards that help to structure marketing strategies, support planning and feasibility and help to monitor customer satisfaction in the area for the most important Italian telecommunications operators.
The Mobile GIS solution has specific functions for telecommunications, which allow operators in the field to intervene effectively and quickly on networks that are highly technologically complex, such as NGN networks.
Top-notch references from the largest European telecom operators demonstrate how useful the integration of the GIS solution is with work force management systems in order to optimise the management of activities in the field.

  • SmallWorld Network Inventory

    It’s a fully integrated suite of products that allows you to document a telecommunications network end-to-end, from the main hub to the entire geographic network, until reaching its termination at the customer’s location, managing both the physical connectivity as well as the logical inventory of services.

    All of the features of Smallworld solutions are made available to those who manage complex telecommunications networks on different media (fibre optic, copper, wireless and coaxial cable).
    Smallworld Network Inventory is at the centre of your OSS, and manages important business processes of the largest operators in the world.

  • Physical Network Inventory
  • Network Inventory Gateway
  • Logical Network Inventory
  • Physical Resource Assignment

Models an entire communications network, including the interior of sites and main hubs. It supports multiple communications technologies and systems from different manufacturers.
With PNI you can manage all types of networks, whether wireless or wired.
PNI provides an end-to-end network vision that allows the network model to be manipulated and displayed at any level.

Allows access to PNI data by simply using an Internet browser.
Network Inventory Gateway consists of three complementary solutions, each able to meet different business needs: Physical Browser, Physical Browser Markup, Network Inventory Network Gateway (eMaps)

On the basis of the physical network, LNI models the IT component through circuits and services. Logical Network Inventory is a network modelling tool that enables you to document, plan and manage telecommunications networks. It provides the tools for modelling the network infrastructure as well as to effectively manage its bandwidth.

This allows you to automatically assign fibre routes to services in order to ensure service qualification and service fulfilment. Physical Resource Assignment improves the quality of service  by enabling more accurate provisioning. The separation of the physical layer from that of services allows for the easy management of routes and interaction with hosted services.

Solutions for Public Administration

We know that public assets are invaluable, and often their exploitation depends on proper cataloguing.

Beyond that, we also know that it is essential to put the data in the centre of the complex administrative procedures that govern the relations between public authorities, businesses and citizens.
Our success is based on our  thirty years of experience in land registry applications and the management of public infrastructures, and is linked to the benefits that we can provide in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, affordability, transparency and democracy in the delivery of public services and in conducting administrative proceedings.

  • Smallworld Core Spatial Technology

    The administrative procedure is developed using our web applications, which access a single GIS database without replicating centralised data.
    This is possible even when you need to serve thousands of users distributed throughout the country, thanks to the high performance and scalability of the solutions we develop.
    The enhancement of data then coincides with the degree of sharing between the processes and the different actors involved.
    Our solutions fully meet the requirements of e-government, and our work with numerous administrations, along with private organizations and citizens, who are involved in processes that we computerise.

Smallworld Solutions for every need

EB World helps you identify the best solution for your company and customise Smallworld solutions for you according to your needs.

Contact us for advice and find the solution that's right for your company.

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