Discover EBWorld's solutions

GIS and Network Inventory, Geomarketing and WFM

Since 1983, EBWorld has supported the development of large and small companies by providing simple, yet powerful platforms and applications that use the organisation’s geographic information in order to:
  • Optimise people and assets
  • Design and manage technological networks in the area
  • Develop the business
  • Integrate information and engage users
  • Create new applications


Optimize the management of your team and activities in the field, achieving your objectives: improve efficiency and increase profitability. Thanks to complete real-time visibility and the ability to integrate information from different systems, work can be planned and controlled in a more intelligent and efficient manner.


Whether you operate a telecommunications network, water supply or gas or electricity distribution/transmission, you can control the entire life cycle of your assets through integrated applications that are simple and reliable. Innovative solutions for geomarketing, planning, design, implementation and network maintenance can render your time and work even more valuable, allowing you to always make the best decision.


Managing your technological network means safeguarding investments made, quickly activating new customers and performing maintenance on all of your assets located throughout the area. Innovative mobile solutions and work force management allow you to sleep soundly knowing that you’re always meeting the expectations of your important clients.


Integrate business data on a map with geographic data: discover making better and faster decisions than your competitors. Access all information from any device, even when on the move, and create reports to be shared throughout the entire company. Collect all of the information that your organization has and turn your data into knowledge through Big Data applications.


By aggregating the information that you need on the map, we can create powerful applications that can be used from any device and support each of your business processes, whether in the office or in the field. Making the right information available based on the activity that is taking place is our main goal. This all takes place without neglecting high performance and ease of use.

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